Top 10 Home Security Systems

Top 10 Home Security Systems

Home security systems are no longer a luxury. They are increasingly becoming a necessity in most homes. This is because they provide homeowners with the much-needed reassurance that their valuables and family are protected against burglars, break-ins, and other dangers.  Here are top home security systems you should invest in.

  1. Nest Secure

Credit: Nest Secure

The alarm system features a starter kit that is easy to arm and disarm. It has powerful detect sensors designed to do more than just monitoring whether doors are closed or opened. The alarm system supports professional monitoring and Google Assistant voice control. The high-end security system is one of the most versatile home security systems out there.

  1. Salient Eye

Credit: CNET

This is one of the most popular home security systems, and it is particularly a solid choice for homeowners searching for something cost-friendly. The Android app turns Android devices into reliable security systems in mere moments. Though simple, the app offers advanced security camera features designed to give you unparalleled home surveillance.

  1. Abode Starter Kit

Credit: Abode

This is one of most appealing home security systems thanks to its scalable hardware coupled with unmatched monitoring services. The fact that it is easy to integrate with other home security systems makes it one of the top home security systems for professional monitoring.

  1. Icontrol Networks Piper NV

Credit: Piper

This is ultimately one of the best and most versatile all-in-one home security systems. It boasts a night-vision enabled camera that offers 180-degrees surveillance. In addition, it is equipped with a siren and an assortment of environmental and security sensors.

  1. AT&T Digital Life

Credit AT&T Digital Life

The security system provides a compelling solution to the traditional approach to home security. It offers legit security specs, competitive home automation functionality, and superb security monitoring features.

  1. Vivint

Credit: Vivinit

The wireless home security system earns a place in the list of top home security systems for its seamless automation and ease of use. It boasts advanced home security features, thus making things quite simple and fun. The mobile app allows you to record and view camera footage and also adjust your home automation whenever you wish.

  1. SimpliSafe

Credit: CNET

The wireless security system is incredibly easy to install. No drilling or complex wiring is required. It features pre-programmed sensors, meaning it starts working right after installation. It is easily customizable to suit your home monitoring and surveillance needs.

  1. FrontPoint

Credit: FrontPoint

Frontpoint is also one of the top home security systems for good reasons. Its touch-screen control panel is designed to give you unprecedented control. It is equipped with intrusion sensors that you can place at each entry point to your home, ultimately giving you protection against break-ins.

  1. GetSafe

Credit: GetSafe

The HD security camera is designed with professional home security monitoring in mind. You can also add your own cameras just to let you keep track of what is going on. Its sensors and motion detectors offer a great way of detecting break-ins and burglars.

  1. ADT

Credit: ADT

This top home security system is ultimately designed to protect your home using cutting-edge security and monitoring features. It boasts entryway sensors, 24-hour monitoring, a high-decibel siren among other high-tech features.

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